Smart Gateways

With Smart Contracts Embedded
Access places and Interact with things around the city
This Sounds Interesting So

What Is This?

The IM.CITY Gateway is a device allowing people to access places and interact with things around the city in a seamless way using their smartphone or other smart things they wear. We call it IM.CITY Remote

The gateway is a connected device designed to be installed in different places around the city:

event venues, hotels, cinemas, shared houses, shared offices, shared parking, etc

Even more, it is able to incorporate Smart Contracts from a blockchain so the device is not only an access and interaction gateway but also a business hub splitting the revenue stream at the gateway level.

This new technology will enable the true shared economy. See bellow.

With Smart Contracts Embedded, Our Gateways Become the Fundation for

The real sharing economy

Shared Parking

Shared Homes

Shared Offices

Shared Cars


Check the menu, ask for the bill, order and call the waiter


Ask for room service, check room allocation, verify invoice


Communicate with other drivers, check parking spots


Check the special offers, ask for assistence
Each Gateway Can Implement Support For

Contextual Interactions



Check the schedule, send questions to the speakers


Check allocation, receive alerts and directions


Check the schedule, find movie information


Check schedule, buy tickets, update routes

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Clement Nicolaescu - Founder IM.CITY

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