digital city ecosystem

allowing people or other devices to interact
using virtual and contextual identities
within the internet of contexts
Communicate with people, Access places and Interact with things
This Sounds Interesting So

What Is This?

The main concept is built around the idea that technology should be able to "figure out" the contexts and facilitate the interactions without the need for people to spend time to provide information (including identity or personal data).

We call it "The Internet of Contexts".

IM.CITY is a digital city ecosystem developed to facilitate urban interactions for people or other devices.

This digital city ecosystem has multiple real life implementations (almost any city interaction can be facilitated) starting from interacting in different places (office, restaurant, airport, stores, cinemas etc), interacting in different contexts (car driving, events attending etc) and interacting with different entities (people, devices, virtual coins, virtual bags).

Everything is built around 2 basic layers, each layer having its own components:

A) The Software Layer

1) The context manager - manage the contextual details of interactions including the new concepts of "virtual entities" and "contextual identities"

2) The interaction manager - manage the authorization process for interactions.

3) The values manager - manage different types of value recipients (smart money, smart deals, smart keys, smart messages)

B) The Hardware Layer

1) The Interaction Gates - the physical gateway for identities and authorization processing

2) The Interaction Tags - the physical extention of an identity being part of an interaction


Check the menu, ask for the bill, order and call the waiter


Ask for room service, check room allocation, verify invoice


Communicate with other drivers, check parking spots


Check the special offers, ask for assistence


Check the schedule, send questions to the speakers


Check allocation, receive alerts and directions


Check the schedule, find movie information


Check schedule, buy tickets, update routes
The IM CITY project is here to overcome the following


The Identity

How to interact in the city context without the need to know the identity of the other participants ?

The Tools

How to create a variety of tools for city interaction while keeping the same core technology for all of them ?

The context

How to identify enough details of a city context in order to assure a clear and safe interaction ?

The Uses

How to create a platfom that is modular enough to accomodate different configuration schemas for different real life city contexts ?

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Clement Nicolaescu - Founder IM.CITY

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