The City Interface

Restaurants, Cinemas, Hotels, Shops, Events
Interact with things or people around the city, based on the context.

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As a platform, IM.CITY allows anyone to interact with things or people around the city, based on the context.
Different contexts (restaurants, cars, shops, taxis, hotels, clinics, events etc) will automatically trigger different functionalities of the platform customized for that environment facilitating a seamless interaction.

We call it “The City Interface” as this enables a uniform interaction style for city contexts by developing the new concept of “Internet of Context”.
In order to help us with the implementation of this new concept and the development of this platform, we created the IM.DIRECT, an “interaction language” to be used for contextual interactions.

An important detail about IM.CITY is that it can be accessed with any communication tool you choose: app, web, im, sms, wearables or whatever Elon Musk will come up with to link to our brains.

With IM.CITY you can give a rating to any place (ex. club, shop, event) by simply sending an instant message or a sms. Same procedure if you like to alert the driver of the car parked on your own spot. Same if you like to call ta waiter in a restaurant.

This is the new type of Internet, The Internet of Context (IoCo) which is a combination of all the existing Internet types: The Web, The Physical Web, Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Communication (IoC), Internet of Me (IoM).

The IM.CITY will be available in selected cities soon with a number of interactions (all universal actions and 2 contextual actions for cars and restaurants)

Already Implemented

Universal Interactions

Give Rating

Give rating to anything in your city. Now, the places you visit, the items you use, the brands you interact with can be rated by anyone. The crowd wisdom will be finally used. Rate anything based on context.

Get Updates

Do you need to stay informed and alerted about important things without being spammed and being in permanent control of it? It is only a matter of syntax in context: ``subscribe``/``unsubscribe`` in context.

Send Messages

Many times you need to communicate with unknown people without having their contact (a car driver, a restaurant waiter). IM.CITY will direct your message to the appropriate person based on context.

Find Specials

Every place in the city has its specials. The shops, the restaurants, the events, gas stations, the hypermarkets ... IM.DIRECT makes it easy for you to know about them based on context.


Check the menu, ask for the bill, order and call the waiter


Ask for room service, check room allocation, verify invoice


Communicate with other drivers, check parking spots


Check the special offers, ask for assistence
Still Under Development

Contextual Interactions



Check the schedule, send questions to the speakers


Check allocation, receive alerts and directions


Check the schedule, find movie information


Check schedule, buy tickets, update routes