Virtual Office

Virtual Office Concept

All IM.CITY participants are able to open their own "Virtual Office" for FREE.. The IM.CITY participants are able to open an Office from their user menu on the platform.

Once a Virtual Office is opened, its owner is allocated an unique address.

All IM.CITY participants who sign-up using an Office address are registered under that "Virtual Office" and all "Virtual Citizens" managed by that referred participant are counted for that Office, along with the Virtual Community Taxes the Office might get from those vCitizens.

The vCitizens should be allocated to a Virtual Office. So, during the vCitizens registration process on the IM.CITY platform, if the vCitizen holder is not already allocated to a vOffice (was not reffered by another participant), they will be asked to choose one vOffice from the existing vOffices and that vCitizen will be registered under the choosen vOffice.

Also, all vOffices with more then 3 vCitizens will participate into the freeDistribution process for the IM COMMUNITY Token ($IMCT). Each vOffice will receive a fixed $IMCT ammount and a variable amount of tokens, based on the number of vCitizens registered to the vOffice.