Virtual Land

Virtual Land Concept

The Virtual Land will be used in the later stages of the project (2023) as the base for founding new virtual cities.

In order to start your own virtual city some basic conditions apply:

  1. founders need to own land
  2. founders need a minimum number of vCitizens allocated to their Virtual Community Center

Other community conditions may apply.

As an alternative to use the land for founding new virtual cities (when this feature will be developed), the land owners can opt in to use the land for other purposes (eg cropland, forests, etc) and earn rewards accordingly. Each land category has a limited percent available based on the RL datasets, except for the built-up area.

The Virtual Land is devided in Lot with the following characteristics:

  • Area

This is the actual size of the plot in km2. The rewards for the land depends on the size of the plot. Also, the number of citizens allowed into your virtual city depends on the allocated area.

  • Elevation

Elevation is distance above sea level. This is important when you want to joint two or more lots as you need to level them up to be usable and this will need some resources to be spent.

Virtual Land Distribution

The Virtual Land will be generated in batches of 1% from the total land surface on Earth.

Any Virtual Land lot can be used to found a virtual city (in later stages of the project). Multiple lots can be combined or added to extend the virtual cities.

As an alternative, any Virtual Land lot can be transformed in a productive land category. Each category is limited to the following percentage.

  • Livestock - 27% (meat & dairy Production, grazing & feed crops)

  • Forests - 26%

  • Barren land** - 19% (deserts, salt flats, rocks)

  • Glaciers** - 11% (permanent snow & ice)

  • Shrub - 8% (small, woody vegetation)

  • Cropland - 7% (crops minus land for animal feed)

  • Freshwater** - 1% (lakes, rivers & water bodies)

  • Built-up area - 1% (villages, towns, cities & infrastructures)

** These surfaces do not receive rewards in the initial stages of the project. Later, there will be options for different uses (eg. solar panels on desertic land, scientific centers on Arctic land, etc)

Virtual Land Pre-sale

The Virtual Land Pre-sale will be conducted as an NFT collection launched by our Space on

Each NFT will represent a pre-sale certificate for one lot of Virtual Land with a surface between 50 km2 and 1000 km2.

See the Pre-sale Timeline page for more details on the pre-sale campaign.

{warning} IM.CITY is an early stage project. Please make sure your participation fits into your spending strategy.