Virtual Citizens

Virtual Citizens Concept

The Virtual Citizen is the basic cell in the IM.CITY Metaverse. They are the virtual representation of the Real World citizens following their characteristics like: location (city/country), education, profession.

The IM.CITY participants can manage as many Virtual Citizens as they want.
Each vCitizen gets weekly rewards based on their characteristics and in-world participation (later stages).

Virtual Citizens Distribution

The Virtual Citizens follow the Real World citizenship distribution. They are randomly allocated to different cities/countries based on the world population datasests, except the 1500 "Genesis Virtual Citizens" that are randomly allocated to countries from the "Genesis Continent". The "Genesis Continent" is decided by the community vote on the IM.CITY platform.

The vCitizens are generated in batches of 0.1% from the world population, except for the first batch.
The first batch of vCitizens will represent 0.001% from the total population of cities with population above 100,000.

Virtual Citizens Pre-sale

The Virtual Citizens Pre-sale will be conducted as an NFT collection launched by our Space on

Each NFT will represent a pre-sale certificate for one Virtual Citizen.

Genesis Virtual Citizens Collection

1500 Certificates

for Virtual Citizens randomly originating from the Genesis Continent (decided by the community vote)

Base Price:

Virtual Citizen price: 250 Mi


Each Genesis Award on Soonaverse, will receive 1 pre-sale Certificate for FREE (1 Genesis Virtual Citizen)!


The Soonaverse Award owners will get the following discounts for the Genesis Virtual Citizens certificates:

  • Genesis STAGEHOLDER: 70% off
  • Early STAGEHOLDER: 50% off
  • Proud STAGEHOLDER: 40% off

Early Virtual Citizens Collection

2500 Certificates

for Virtual Citizens randomly originating from all countries in the world

Base Price:

Virtual Citizen price: 250 Mi 150 Mi


Any Soonaverse user holding awards from the IM.CITY Space or connected Spaces, will get a 60% discount.

There will be no difference between the capabilities of Virtual Citizens in the 2 collections if they originate from the same place (city/country).

See the Pre-sale Timeline page for more details on the pre-sale campaign.

{warning} IM.CITY is an early stage project. Please make sure your participation fits into your spending strategy.