Metaverse Road Map

We are building a social simulator and this Road Map comes with a degree of flexibility keeping constant the principles of transparency, professional project management and veryDistributed contribution.

The following steps are part of the Chapter 1 from the Development Stages.

"Virtual Citizen" Pre-sale

May, 2022

In order to prepare the distribution of the "Virtual Citizen" NFTs, a "Pre Sale Certificate" collection will be launched for funding purposes. The "Pre Sale Certificate" will contain preliminary info (date of birth, place of birth) about each specific "Virtual Citizen".

Metaverse Tokenomics

June, 2022

The IM.CITY Metaverse will run its own token. The token name will be decided with the community participation and the tokenomics will be defined after the "Virtual Citizens" pre-sale campaign is completed.

"Virtual Citizen" NFT Development

July, 2022

The NFT collection will be created to match the "Pre Sale Certificates" sold in the previous stages.

Metaverse Datasets

August, 2022

The ecosystem of the IM.CITY Metaverse is based on Real World data from The World Bank. The datasets will be loaded into the virtual ecosystem so all in-world interactions and rewards will be linked to real data.

"Virtual Citizen" NFT Distribution

September, 2022

Rewards Allocation System

October, 2022

Rewards Claiming System

October, 2022

Virtual Land NFT Distribution

January, 2023

Urban Virtual Organizations

February, 2023

Complex Urban Contexts

March, 2023

Complex Rewarding System

April, 2023

Virtual Citizens Evolution System

June, 2023

Virtual City Founders

September, 2023