Last change for v1.1 was on June 12, 2022


About IM.CITY Metaverse

{info} This project is in alpha stage. Please see the Road Map for features status.

IM.CITY Metaverse is an urban simulator (non visual) where Virtual Citizens earn tokens based on their characteristics (place, education, profession) and based on their participation to Virtual Organizations and Virtual Events.

In the later development stages, the participants will be able to found virtual cities with their own social and economic rules, running as Decentralized Autonomous Cities.

The main goal of the IM.CITY project is to develop and implement a framework for digital rewards management.

The Metaverse ecosystem consists in real life socio-economic and geographic datasets for countries/cities.

At start, the "in world" resources consists in the IM.CITY Coin (the coin name is still to be decided). A custom number of coins is allocated as reward to each "Virtual Citizen" on a weekly basis, based on their custom characteristics linked to real world datasets (eg. the medium level of salary in a each country).

In later stages of the project, the Virtual Organizations can be formed. The organizations improve the ability to be rewarded and create new resources.

About IM.CITY Ecosystem

The IM.CITY Ecosystem

  • The Institute /non-governmental org
  • The Dev Studio /commercial company

On separate but complementary paths, they build everything is needed for an easy to adopt & universal digital rewards framework both for the Real World and the Virtual World